Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where's my Right-Click Menu???

Many sites have started to turn off the RIGHT CLICK MENU, to keep you from saving images or other stuff from their sites.

They do this with a piece of Javascript that they embed into their Webpage.

Now Javascript, according to security folk, can be a two-edged sword that leaves you vulnerable to intrusion by the darker elements of the web.

Some security holes found in MySpace and Facebook have been attributed to poorly formed javascript gadgets that script kitties put on their sites and create security holes on their own web pages.

Not a good thing.

But like 2 sided coins there is a good side to javascript too.

The above right-click menu blocking can be turned off with a piece of javascript too. And the code to do just that is:


Put that into your Browser's location address of the offending Web Page, and Shazam!

Your Right Click Menu is Back..

Wingman, On Your Side...

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