Sunday, August 03, 2008


I Jump-to First Thing In The Morning.

On Firefox Google, I Jump-to the Folowing: ( I call it my morning Online Tech Newspaper.
It monitors over 300 tech sites and gathers the Headlines to a condensed view On One Page.
On the Top of that page are the Top TEN TECH News Items that I glean my Blogs of Interesting-to-me Concerns. ( I call it Gadget Scoop. New Gizmo-Gadget-Techy Goodies just released in the Wild.

theregister ( This Site's Slogan is: "Biting The Hand That Feeds IT (Information Technology)". This is Tech News from across the Pond (UK) and leans toward the Big Box Side of Tech. I also listen to the excellent Incoherent Technolgy Podcast (on my PSP) that originates here.

LOL: the Life of Leo ( Leo Laporte and co-horts John C. Dvorak and Patrick Norton and Kevin Rose and other various TWITS are the Tech Media Guys I listen to the Most for Info on what the heck is really going on. Leo is the Host of 15 TWiT audio podcasts. And not a loser among them. Very professionally done, Leo has been the KFI radio show Tech Guy, a question and answer format. (

Security Now! ( Steve Gibson with Leo Laporte. The Best Weekly Security Podcast Bar None. This along with Leo's TWiT podcast are weekly Must Listens. His latest Podcast explains How DNS works. As you must know, a recent "hole" in DNS was found.

The really good podcasts I try to save to my Sony PSP's limiting space. But a recent upgrade to PMP media player let's me store favorite podcasts on my computer's hard drive and stream them to the PSP via WiFi. Nice.

I try to encapsulate what I glean from the above listed sites to keep me on the cutting Edge without falling off, and post those thoughts and trends on my Blog: (

A one stop spot that tries to get The Big Picture.

Wingman out.

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