Monday, August 18, 2008

We're Down To a Billion... (According to Ars Technica)

(Here We Come)

Ars Technica Says:
About a week ago we reached the magic number of 2.7 billion IPv4 addresses used, and that leaves about 1 billion IPv4 addresses left.

In other words, unless something unexpected happens, we'll be out of IPv4 addresses at some point in the neighborhood of 2012. So when the next Olympics come around, it's very possible that some of us will have to watch them online over IPv6. (Actually the official website of the 2008 Olympics is already available over IPv6.)

What Is IPv4 and IPv6???
For more Info about the current IP address configuration, and the soon to be here second IP address configuration, check out Wikipedia:

For all the goodies to the Ars Technica, story go here:

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Link to Google Books about Einstein. Very Nice.
Side Note Uno: Just finished Einstein: His Life and Universe. Excellent Book.

Side Note Two: New Facebook-like Site for Sports Fans, the BETA is Here:

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