Sunday, August 31, 2008

What Makes Linux Different???

Here's a snapshot of my current Desktop Linux
(Fedora 8)

My Nvidia Card is running CompizConfig Setting manager and Compiz Fusion Icons. That's three
browsers open up there: Firefox, Konqueror (like Apple's Safari) and Opera. The fourth window is running ATI TV graphics card and feeding live TV (CNN) and audio. Soon that will be upgraded to a Hauppauge HD (High Definition) Card (with Input and OUTPUT).

Screenshot was the software that comes with Fedora, which I've used for years. And the Text was done with The GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation program.

My Twitter updates appear on the right of this Blog.

The Only Problem with Twitter is that it Grew TOO Big TOO Fast, and that leads to This:

But don't under estimate the Power of the People.

Steve Gillmor, of the upcoming BearHug "conference" is calling Twitter "A Declaration of Independence" of supreme importance to the next Election.

The "News Agencies" are waiting to see what Twitter is Twittering about to

assess the

NBS (Next Big Story).

Wingman in the Open.

On a side note:
A hot program for the Google Android Cellphone, uses some pretty cool Open Source software like Android Scan
It scans Bar Codes grabbed by you cell camera and goes online to find the best prices for that item.

iPhone wants this...

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