Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Good, The Better and the SCARY

Early in the year, Motley Fool said: Google was the Worst Stock to own in 2007.

What Fools!!!

In March, Google was selling for $440.00 a share, the lowest for the year, but still GOOD.

It's IPO, quite a few years ago, was around $80+ a share.

That might have been the report that Motley saw that precipitated that faulty advice.

However.....Just a few months later, the tide turned. And everyone was feeling peachy when it saw the good numbers for Apple and even Microsoft, last week.

Then the other Google Giant SHOE hit the Fan...

Today 10/31/2007, in after hours trading, Google hit 707.48 a share as of 6:48 PM ET.

During the day, most analysts were slack-jawed at the year-end closing performance of Google stock. But some hinted that it could cross the $900.00 mark before the end of the year.

How about that as being pretty Scary?

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