Thursday, October 11, 2007

From Ubuntu to Fedora- A tip of the Red Hat

I did a silly thing the other day by trying to reset my screen resolution from 1024x720 in Ubuntu. It was because I was
following a website that told me how to

Long story short: I screwed up my Ubuntu settings and had to reinstall Ubuntu. But I forgot that a new setup of Ubuntu only gives you User Access to the OS, not a place to login as ROOT.

Crap! Or as Peter Parker's Editor would say: Major Crap!

After trying Ubuntu in different distros (I have plenty) and since my son has been happy with Fedora Core 6 for a while, I said: "What the Hey..."

Well for the time being I'll be living in FC-6 land.

I'll probably go back to Ubuntu on my Notebook computer (the Acer with the 64bit AMD).

But for now, I'm Happy!

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