Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Digital Age

Did you hear the Death-Nell for analog last week?

I didn't either, since the Televised News Orgs prefer to ignore News with a capital N. Business Week had a story about it, but that nearly passed my attention span as well, being conditioned to take bite-sized snacks of news-fodder.

Anyway. here's the story: Best Buy stopped selling analog TV's on Wednesday, by making sure ALL Analog TV sets were Out of their Stores.

Haven't you been paying attention to Apple lately? We're in the Age of Digital. iPod this and iPod that.

Listen up, Digital is IN, Analog is OUT.

Okay, what does this mean? Are we not going to be able to see Desperate Housewives Tonight, or Heroes Tomorrow?

Settle down, commercial television won't let that happen Just Yet.

But on February 18, 2009, broadcasters will stop transmitting ANALOG Signals. Non-digital television sets that are not attached to a cable or satellite service and not equipped with special converter boxes will no longer work.

More than 60 million U.S. households fall into this category.

Since the government mandated this change, they have a deal or no deal for the 60 million desperate households.

After the first of the year, the government will be making available to each household two coupons worth $40 each that can be used to buy two converter boxes. Best Buy will sell coupon-eligible converter boxes starting in early 2008.

Aside from that, go get a Digital TV.

The Age of Digital is Here.

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