Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to Find Me

http://koolhunter2.blogspot.com/ aka koolhunter2 "A View of the latest KOOL stuff"
http://mediacircus2.blogspot.com/ aka Media Circus 2 "What the Tech Media is Doing?"
http://tvjeebees.blogspot.com/ aka TVjeebees "TV or Not TV, that IS the Question..."
http://theletterselo.blogspot.com/ aka Written by ELO "Bonafide writings by ELO"
http://psphardwired.blogspot.com/ aka PSP On Steroids "Hacking (homebrewing) the PSP"
http://vistavectors.blogspot.com/ aka Vista Vectors "Windows Be Wares"
http://mycordiunnot.blogspot.com/ aka mass media course correction "WWW Course Correction"
http://thursdaysave.blogspot.com/ aka thursday we save the world "The famous Tech Chat"
http://elosblog.blogspot.com/ aka dospossos "About Writers and Books of Note..."

http://paintbucketontario.blogspot.com/ aka paint bucket blog "A PB corporate Blog."
http://elosopensources.blogspot.com/ aka Elo's Open Sources "A Open Sources Credo site/"

The Blogs are out and Running....
I'm also at Twitter and Jaiku. Two simple "where are you at" Apps.
I wrote about twitter at my blog on www.koolhunter2.blogspot.com, and mentioned the app called: Twittervision for a look see.

My Pics are at Photobucket (not related to Paint Bucket) and the old Web 2.0 app Flickr.

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