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Yesterday's BLOG: MC2 Post 1435 The Lessons of Serendipity

Tuesday's Post:

The Lessons of  Serendipity.

Things Don't always go the Way you Planned.

The Linking of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and 
J. C. R. Lickliders Intergalactic Network concepts.

I took my sweet new Nexus 7 Tablet to my sister's yesterday, to show her what a gem this diminuative version of an iPad it really was.

As luck would have it, I could Not for the life of me access her wifi.

My son had locked it down pretty good.  
And I couldn't get in...

So What can you do with a Nexus 7 Tablet (or Any Tablet) when you have no Internet?  Not Much, really.

Okay, Almost Nothing. 

But a Great Lesson presented itself  on What Makes these Devices Really Really Useful.

The Internet.

I found the Android tablet, running Jelly Bean did have some latent functionality.  It was not totally 'dead in the water'.

The last few days I'd been updating my iTunes library on my Desktop machine so Google Music could push them up "to the Google Cloud".  

Google sets up enough space to store 20,000 songs.   Way more than I need, but nice to have none the less.

Well I noticed on my Tablet Without internet access showed it had some of my recently uploaded music.

And was able to play these songs just fine.

Some other Apps also had surprising functionality.

My book reader Aldiko, had some of my eBooks just sitting there ready to be read.  So there was Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Homer's The Illiad  and Beowulf, Moby Dick, The First Men on the Moon, A Room with a View and The Call of the Wild.

How delightful.

A Great Read anyway you look at it.

Besides that,  I'm a long time Audible fan and I'd  place a few of my recent Audible books on the Nexus just to check it out. 

Since I also have Creative's Zen Stone player for my Audible Books, I know how much you can store in 2 GB of memory.  For example the Zen Stone right now has the following:

The first third of  The Stand,  Red Mars,  The Mote in God's Eye,  Panic in Level 4, Snow Crash,  The Greater Journey, Tim Wu's The Master Switch Part 2,  Barabasi's Linked and The Rise and Fall of Alexandria by Pollard and Reid.

Google included a selection of digital magazines that work off-line too.


From Audible's The Master Switch  I listened to DARPA's Licklider 

working on a "crazy idea"

that he called the Intergalactic Network.

J. C. R. Licklider


And Shakespeare just has to be read aloud, I think.

Shakespeare's Julius Caesar





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