Thursday, November 15, 2012

MC2 Post 1441 Intel's 60-Core Chip Ships -- elites Like Hawking Gets It First


Intel is shipping the new 60-core chip -- which is offered as a coprocessor 
that works in conjunction with a Xeon CPU -- to select customers. 
Volume shipments will begin in January.
(Credit: Intel)

It's more like a GPU than a CPU.... Wingman.

Professor Stephen Hawking and the Cosmos Lab at the University of Cambridge have been given early access to the technology for use in their SGI supercomputer, Intel said.

"With our powerful and flexible SGI UV2000, we can continue to focus on discovery, leading worldwide efforts to advance the understanding of our universe," Hawking said in a statement.

Stateside, Intel customers such as Texas Advanced Computing Center are getting early customized products.

The first commercial versions of the coprocessor, which ship on a  
PCIe circuit board, are expected to be available 
January 28 with a recommended customer price of $2,649.



Are Mobile Chips Doing a Number on 
Desktop CPU MFGs?


Is AMD Really Looking At a Buyout?  

Or Just Pounding Sand?

Minutes before Tuesday's closing bell, good old Reuters said that Advanced Micro Devices (NYSE: AMD  ) is looking for "options," going so far as hiring JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM  ) to guide the company.

 Strategies might include selling a chunk of AMD's patent portfolio, or indeed looking for a wholesale buyer of the company.

Shares jumped as much as 15% on the surprising news, 
then cooled down a bit. AMD shares closed 5% higher.





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