Friday, May 18, 2012

MC2 Post 1276 It's Deja Vu All Over Again --- Windows 8 Preview PREVIEW

One Hand Giveth, the Other Hand 
Taketh Away...

That's The Windows WAY.....

What Do You Get when You Buy a 
Windows "SIGNATURE" PC  ???

Why you get a fresh and peppy PC where all the BLOATWARE System MFG's Pile on PC's Has Been REMOVED ! ! !

For that Freshly CLEANED PC you PAY $80 Bucks...EXTRA.


What About Upgrading to the NEXT OS -- Windows 8 ???

$15 Bucks, Windows 8 Pro with the Metro Interface will cost you $15 Bucks.

After you install this New System, your PC will No Longer Play DVD's.  Or Have Media Center, the media player.

You can purchase the Media Center, and install it yourself (probably from a USB Stick), since your DVD Player is non-functioning.  You see that's Legacy stuff that just didn't make the Cut to the Next "Metro Windows".

It Will Have Solitaire and Voice Recorder....

Go Figure.

If you Think This IS-ALL-A-JOKE, 
Please See this Week's Podcast of TWIT.TV's Windows Weekly episode 261.






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