Sunday, January 30, 2011

MC2 Post 930 Will Tablet Buyers Zoom to The XOOM

Would You Buy a Motorola Xoom Tablet?

"Honeycomb promises features such as an improved System Bar, better tabbed browsing, and an improved virtual keyboard
--among numerous other tweaks and modifications."

"And the choice of Nvidia as the provider of the dual-core silicon--replete with Nvidia's renowned graphics technology--is not surprising, according to Shim. "The smartphone is not very different from the tablet. The difference is that the tablet has a bigger screen, which translates to a bigger viewing area, which means a better graphics opportunity. Nvidia is an ideal candidate," he said."

"And Motorola, of course, is good choice for a tablet supplier, as its Droid smartphones have competed well in the U.S. against the iPhone."

CBS Sunday Morning piece on Pop Art.

A Roy Lichtenstein Painting Sells For $42.6 Million


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