Monday, January 03, 2011

MC2 Post 903 Tech Is Like Getting an After Christmas Mystery Bag in Japan

and Not Unlike the Lakers Lately: 

It's Pretty Much 

A Mixed Bag

Leo Rising

The NYT had a very nice article on 
TWiT's Leo Laporte and the growth of his 
"This Week in Tech" Podcasts.

Then listening to the Sunday afternoon "Live TWiT" podcast, I was treated to a chaotic podcast of stellar proportions.

It starts roughly around 3:00 pm pacific time, and I like watching/listening using the Twit app on my iPod Touch, but you can also watch it on your desktop machine.

Leo was telling John C. Dvorak that it just might be the two of them for today's show. 

Leo was having (as usual) problems with a contraption in the TWIT control room known as the Skyposaurus which employs four computers to connect Skype video callers.

And he wasn't hooking up with anyone else, but (again as usual) Leo kept trying.

Ten minutes or so later, he was talking Jerry Pournelle (aka Mr. Chaos Manor) into connecting with a PC, Jerry's son had borrowed his Mac.  

After a bit more work, Jerry's picture on Skype came in nice and clear.  A little bit later, the fourth guest: Larry Magid joined the fray.

Then the fun began.

4 bonafide Tech Heavy-weights, having a Sunday afternoon chat about Technology.

This had to be one of the best of the best TWiT podcast, which Leo later titled: "The Golden Boys."

Link Here:

Check it out, this was the Right Stuff .


On the other hand.

The Tech Mix-Bag Part:

As if The Social Network needed any more Buzz Leading up to its DVD Release next Week…

$1 Billion Isn’t Cool. You Know What’s Cool? 
$50 Billion. Goldman And Facebook Agree.


How Goldman Sachs could make $2.8 billion 
from Facebook


Goldman Sachs Clients Can Invest In Facebook's IPO -- But You Can't

There's a very bad after taste to this story.
Very bad.

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