Thursday, January 06, 2011

MC2 905 CES 2011 Microsoft's Ballmer, The Inside Track to Yesterday's News

CES: What Microsoft's Ballmer Didn't Say

It's All About The No-Show Numbers for Microsoft


(CES) 2011 keynote by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer on January 5, the more interesting bits were what Ballmer didn’t say.
He didn’t offer Windows Phone 7 sales numbers. (Microsoft said recently it had sold 1.5 million WP7 devices, 

He didn’t offer any new Windows 7 sales figures.

He didn’t talk about Microsoft’s plans to compete with Apple TV and Google TV (or why it isn’t planning to do so).

The Latest Numbers from Apple on the iPad is
between 12 and 14,000,000 iPads Sold.

This Means, of course, that CES 2011 will be Tilted Towards
Lots and Lots of 
Competing Android Tablet Devices.




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