Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MC2 Post: Open Source Windows

Open Source Windows

A simple list of the BEST FREE and Open-Source software for Windows:

    WEB BROWSING    Mozilla Firefox

( I still Think of it As Netscape Firefox )

( I prefer VLC...)

IM - Instant Messages        Pidgin

DOWNLOADERS     SkipScreen

E-Mail      Mozilla Thunderbird

RSS           RSSOwl

( Twitter has pretty much Killed RSS )

OFFICE SUITE        OpenOffice Org.

( I Write with WRITER )

  PODCASTING         Juice

DVD Ripping            Handbrake

GRAPHICS Editing   GIMP, Inkscape

( Two of My Favorites for Graphics, and GIMP can do just about everything Photoshop can do...Really! ) 

FTP / SFTP             Filezilla

IRC         X-Chat 2

Archiving                 PeaZip

    Link to Page 1    http://www.opensourcewindows.org/
    Link to Page 2    http://www.opensourcewindows.org/page2.php

    I Use Most of These Programs as a Better Replacement for the Stock Windows Choices.

    The Wingman, is Still Wide Open


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