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MC2 Post 583: Terraforming Mars


Terraforming Mars 

From the National Geographic Magazine



Mars Earth Compared



Red Mars 

by Kim Stanley Robinson Review
The first novel in the astounding trilogy, Red Mars chronicles the lives of the first arrivals to Mars.

The planet that the settlers find is empty of life and many of the pioneers want to begin

changing the ecosystem right away to be suitable for human life. But the purity of the stark

landscape convinces some scientists that it should be preserved. The stakes are high and

the players on both sides range from politically naive idealists to ambitious manipulators

without discernible scruples. No one can be sure that "terraforming" the planet will

succeed,  but it is certain to change the face of Mars beyond recognition.

Red Mars won the 1994 Nebula Award.


From Publishers Weekly
The first installment in Robinson's ( Blind Geometer ) new trilogy is an action-packed 
and thoughtful tale of the exploration and settlement of Mars--riven by both personal 
and ideological conflicts--in the early 21st century. 
The official leaders of the "first hundred" (initial party of settlers) are American

Frank Chalmers and Russian Maya Katarina Toitova, but subgroups break out under the 
informal guidance of popular favorites like the ebullient Arkady Nikoleyevich Bogdanov, 
who sets up a base on one of Mars's moons, and the enigmatic Hiroko, who establishes 
the planet's farm. As the group struggles to secure a foothold on the frigid, barren 
landscape, friction develops both on Mars and on Earth between those who advocate 
terraforming, or immediately altering Mars's natural environment to make it more habitable, 
and those who favor more study of the planet before changes are introduced. 
The success of the pioneers' venture brings additional settlers to Mars. All too soon, the

first hundred find themselves outnumbered by newcomers and caught up in political 
problems as complex as any found on Earth.


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