Thursday, January 07, 2010

MC2 Blog: Keep Scratching The Itch That Keeps Moving

 Keep Scratching The Itch That Keeps Moving

Developing Open Source Software:

The Original Developer of Jython, which is Python
written in Java, Wrote It because someone told Him, 

"  that it couldn't be done...  "

That developer is Also the Creator of  IronPython, 

which is written in Microsoft's Dot Net  

when someone told him,  

"That IT couldn't be done...".

Listen in to the current developers of Jython


Floss Weekly 102: Jython

with Frank Wierzbicki  for Jython


Jython User Guide Link:


Most Developers Do it because They're scratching an "itch" that current software doesn't handle ...

Wingman say:  Keep Scratching !!!



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