Thursday, January 21, 2010

Apple Rumor-Mill of Tablet, eBook Readers and New iPhone?

From Engadget:

The Apple Tablet: What We Know Right Now.
Apple Tablet rumor roundup: summer 2010 edition

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Apple rumor roundup: iPhone patent 4.0 edition

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Inklet trackpad tablet app for MacBook is Wacom's worst nightmare

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MC2 Post: New eBook Maneuvers Get Frisky

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From Reuters Technology:

Apple shares rally ahead of expected tablet launch
Tue, Jan 19 12:26 PM EST

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Shares of Apple Inc rallied on Tuesday in 

anticipation of the company's expected launch of a tablet computer next week.


From Reuters Technology

Apple to host event January 27, tablet expected


- Apple Inc will host a special event on January 27 

where it is widely expected to unveil its tablet computer,

as the company looks to extend its hot hand into a brand 

new product category.

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Amazon: Kindle app store on the way



From WSJ Tech News:
JANUARY 21, 2010

Apple Sees New Money in Old Media

Steve Jobs's Tablet Device Looks to Repackage TV, Magazines, 

Just as iPod Changed Music Sales



Wingman, Hoping for an Apple Tablet.


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