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Do You Know What Cyberpunk Means, Punk?

Sun 05 Jul 2009 09:33:14 AM PDT

Do You Know What Cyberpunk Means, Punk?




Neuromancer WIKI




History: July 1. 1984, 25 years ago, Wlliam Gibson wrote a book called

Neuromancer that ran the table at the 1984 Science Fiction Awards

and Won the HUGO Award, the Phillip K. Dick Award and the Nebula Award.

The Book and the Awards said Gibson Created a new genre of Science Fiction

called: CyberPunk.

Gibson does NOT particularly like that phrase, but hey it's a good

tag-line that
doesn't fit anybody better.

And while Gibson's modern prose is anchored
in Present Time his

depiction of cutting edge Technology and Hackers (Good and Bad) is still
razor sharp.

Check him out

He IS a Must Read.


And in deference of the Terminator Picture I used above,

take this to chew on...



And Yeah, I know Terminator Was based on Harlan Ellison's Ideas...


I also found a Cool Clip at YouTube (a great resource, by the way) where in 2006.

Harlan was giving out the Hugo Award for Best Short Story and

still being Harlan at the podium.

Linked Here:


The Tina Turner Song Clip at the Video Bar,

Top-Right is still there

because I Like that song.

And I think We Do Need Another Hero,

so There.


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