Thursday, July 16, 2009

Post 425: Why I Use LINUX

Fri 17 Jul 2009 04:15:35 PM PDT



Fifteen, twenty minutes ago I booted Firefox and it just would-not log on.

After several attempts and nothing, I hit the old windows three-finger-dance, you know, ctrl-alt delete, to force a reboot.

On reboot, the system (linux mind you) said it had some corrupt files...

I instantly thought, my newly installed Fedora 11 was hosed.

(Newly installed software shows it's flaws in the first few days. This mainly applies to Windows Systems but All New installed software can do this.)

Kinda like what Julia Roberts did to Clive Owens in "Duplicity".


The System ALSO said I could try a manual fsck (filesystem check) as root, and it would try to fix the problem, or I could hit control D and rety a reboot.

I opted for fsck.

It found a number of file problems and asked permission to repair them. I said Yes.

After fixing what it could it said I should try a reboot.

The system rebooted and system is running again.

That's why I use Linux.



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