Saturday, May 03, 2008

To Me, this makes Nose Scents.

Tech that Smells:
A German company says they've founded a way to deliver scents (about 100) over text messages, and hope to be able to add it to Cell Phones.
Something smells funny here!
Cubans line up to buy legal PCs
Yeah, yeah yeah. Okay it's now legal for Cubans to buy state approved QTECH PC's from One store, for $780 bucks.. That gets you a Celeron processor, 512MB RAM, Windows XP, and a CRT display. Of course they won't have internet access, so big deal.
And if you had your Head in a Hole somewhere: Windows Drops it Bid for Yahoo!

Even after sweetening the deal by an additional $9 billion, the deal (which Microsoft is "soft-peddling" as a possible poison pill) is off.

Engadget had a poll about what to call the now defunct merger of Microsoft and Yahoo! Here's the numbers as of late Saturday.
What do you call the new Microsoft and Yahoo! combination?

Microsoft! 5757 (15.9%)
unGoogle 2325 (6.4%)
Microhoo 5171 (14.3%)
Yacrosoft 2517 (6.9%)
Microsoft, this ain't no merger of equals 14567 (40.2%)
Nothing, the Feds won't approve it 5932 (16.4%)

Seems like a little under 17% didn't think it would happen.

All I can add is: Yahoo!

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