Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Next BIG FLOP by ELO aka Wingman...

The Top500 List comes out twice a year, and lists the TOP HPC (High Performance Computers) in the World.

Their performance is usually measured in X-FLOPs or X Floating Point Operations per second. This year that X will become PETA FLOPS meaning a Thousand Trillion floating point operations per SECOND, will be crossed this June.

A recent report of this outrageous rate (actually running faster than Moore's Law) tells us our current technology cannot scale much further.

(See the excellent article in May's Linux Magazine titled: "Just when You Thought it Was Safe to Ignore the Top500 List") www.linuxmagazine.com.
I admit I like checking out the list to see who is running what processors and with what OS, but of late that has been LINUX.
But it appears the End is Near and a New direction must be started for the Next milestone, after
petaflops and starting point may just be Software Centric.

I'll post the Next Top DOG in June.


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