Sunday, May 11, 2008

DL.TV and Some Very COOL LINKS

Robert Heron and Friends at had some really links to related to community web sites like FACEBOOK and (Still A VERY BIG DEAL!) TWITTER.

Here are The 4 Links to Check Out:

I'll briefly describe the LAST THREE:

NATUBA is another Photo Sharing Community that was created for iPhone users, but also works with FACEBOOK and Twitter.

TWISTORI is a Twitter scroller that keeps track about what people are saying (live-on-twitter) about certain key phrases like: I WISH and I FEEL LIKE. The Graffiti Wall Expands again.

WIGIX is like a Wish and/or Want List checker. Find the the Best Price for a Wished-For Item.

The First Website is already my favorite:

MAKEUSEOF is a long list how-to guide for GEEKS and Techies. Do Check This One Out.

Wingman at the Helm.

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