Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Adding a MIRO to the Video World

My son introduced me to a new program that he downloaded while testing Fedora 8. Since I'm still in ol' FC6, I thought there should be a repository for me too, Right?

Well, yes there was, in a manner of speaking, the REPO was for FC4 but I added it to my repository list and did the Yum dance. I typed yum install miro, and like a good little yellow dog puppy, yum went out there snapped up the miro RPM file and asked if I wanted to install it? I said yeah and quicker than you can say sweet yummy repositories the program was installed to my Distro.

So What the Heck Is Miro?

Miro is an open source video search engine and downloader and player.

As I type this The African Queen Trailer (1951) from the Charlie Rose Show, Explorer 1 -- JPL and the Beginnings, What's Inside from WIRED Video Podcast and Perfect Water, also from WIRED Video Podcast and Living Tomorrow: TV (What will your television look like in the future?) are all being downloaded for playback on my computer.

It's like Internet's version of Netflix, without the mailbox.

I'll do an update on the video quality and download speeds later.

Staying Tuned couldn't be Easier....

Wingman Out.

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Jeff said...

Hey wingman,

Did you actually get this going on YDL? Or was it a plain fedora installation?