Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacWorld 2008--To Air Is Human?

The New Apple Air unveiled at MacWorld >>->
Link to Picture:

Even with Bill Gates Last Keynote Address
at CES 2008, most pundits saw the Annual
At-A-Boys in Las Vegas was D-U-L-L even by
CES Standards.

Even TWiT standard Bearer, Leo Laporte didn't
attend, saying he could Glean more info about
what really-mattered at CES 2008 from Engadget
and Gizmodo and other On-Line Reporters.
Leo Was at MacWorld in San Francisco the whole
week, and was delivering Podcasts daily!

I foolishly tried to grab Steve Jobs Keynote
Address (never available Live) with Linux, but
the proprietary Quicktime Player is still
crappy on Linux, and much too Big to snag
on my Sony PSP.
MacBreak Weekly has Coverage:

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