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GMA's Best Books for Giving:

Best Books This Holiday Season

Mellody Hobson Tells You

Which Books Would Make the Perfect Gift

'Leadership Is an Art'

Max Dupree was the visionary CEO of Herman Miller, one of the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world. I say that and you say to me, "That does not sound interesting."

But this is a phenomenal book about timeless values. What he talks about is how Herman Miller became a really great company by emphasizing strong character, conviction and high ethics. It's a book about respect and how to treat people.

For example, when he talks about diversity, he talks about how you can use differences to strengthen a company and give people in the organization a voice, which ultimately makes the company better. So this is a great book.

'The Tipping Point'

There's humor in the book, but the thing about this book is it talks about social epidemics. This book is actually terrific perhaps for a teen, believe it or not. It will help them understand why they want the things that they want.

'Poor Charlie's Almanac'

I am fascinated by Warren Buffett. I read anything he writes, anything that's written about him. And this is by his best friend who's worked alongside him as his sidekick, for 46 years.

It's like a catalog of their lives. It's a coffee table book, and it has pictures. It has quotes. He has great stories to tell.

If I had to characterize this book, it's a book about smart decisions. And that could make it a great book for perhaps a grandparent, a parent, an aunt or uncle.

'The Black Swan'

Everyone on Wall Street is reading "The Black Swan" right now. So I have caveat here. This is for the hardcore thinker in your family. This is for the know-it-all in the family. This book is about probability.

That in and of itself may sound very intimidating, but it's not because it's beautifully written.

But the idea is that there is no way to predict random events in life. So it's not worth trying.

The other idea in the book that's so important is not following trends, and not getting sucked up into the idea that you can predict what's going to happen because you can't.

'The Giving Tree'

This is one of my favorite books of all time. What better thing to give during Christmas, when kids especially are thinking about what they will receive?

This is a book about selflessness, and it's a book about compassion. For that reason, I think it's one of the best books that was ever written.


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