Thursday, January 17, 2008

MacWorld 2008 - No Drive To Power ???

The REAL Story?

Analysis of the announcements at MacWorld,
and My Take, on What, if anything, it really means:

Some of the Tidbits were triggered by reviews given
by MacBreak Weekly with Leo Laporte at
MacWorld MacBreak Weekly Panel
Podcast #72
Keynote anaylsis
Panel:Leo Laporte, Alex Lindsay, Andy Ihnatko, Chris Breen, Merlin Mann, Scott Bourne, Justine Ezarik, and Jason O'Grady MP3 Podcast available at:
First Big Slide to NetFlix to Oblivion?

The Really Big News was Apple's move into the TV and Movie Delivery system via iPod Store. What Apple Did for Music and Cell Phones They Think They can Do for TV and Movie Rental and Purchase content.
Can They? You bet!

Who can stop them? Right Now, nobody....

What about the Cable Guys and Amazon and the Movie Stuios?

Well, they better wake up because Apple isn't there to be second.

The subtle Linux Killer??
No Optical Drive or Ethernet connector on the MacBook Air is one way to stop Live installs of Linux Distros. Remember they dumped Motorola for Intel and effectively killed Yellow Dog Linux on the Mac at the same time.

Yeah, things are heating up...

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