Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The NEW iPod Flavors

Among a "ton" of announcements by Apple on Wednesday September 5th was 4 New or Updated iPods.

First is the 1 gig Shuffle at $79 bucks.

Next comes the Nano, or what some reviewers are calling "The FAT Nano". 8 gig at $199.00 with dual screens and the ability to play videos.

Third is the Video iPod, renamed "The Classic iPod" (the one with a hard drive). For $349.00 you can get the 160 gig version. Yes, you can take all your stuff/crap with you.

The three above come in a new assortment of colors too!

And the Expected iPod Touch (or the phoneless iPhone) $400.00 for the 16 gig flash memory version. It has WiFi capabilities and internet browser and the famous iPhone touch flip-screen.

Along witha bevy of announcements was hidden that the iPhone would be availablee for $400.00, and ringtone snippets of songs you already own can be had for .99 cents. Nice.

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