Friday, September 14, 2007

9 million Wii's is heard around the world

Financial Times reports that 9 million Nintendo Wii's have sold as of July 31, surpassing the Microsoft XBOX 360, which was released over a year earlier than the Wii.

This puts the XBOX 360 in second place and the Sony Playstation 3 a distant third in the game console market.

This First Place, is a position it last held 17 years ago with the Nintendo and Super Nintendo consoles.

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<--- desklet clock. I've discovered a new scripting tool in Linux (Ubuntu). aDesklets is a simple Desklet creation scripting tool that has minimal overhead. The Web site is Here. I installed it in Ubuntu with Synaptic Package Manager.

What's pictured to the left is gDesklets, which has a more robust toolbox.
<--- desklet cpu monitor. What is a Desklet? adesklets is basically an interactive Imlib2 console, with one or two aditionnal features:
  • When an X display is present, automated management of a single window
  • Automated support for pseudo-transparency
  • Management of long-running applets
  • ( Taken from Documentation section of site listed above.)
It can be programmed with Python or Perl.

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