Wednesday, December 25, 2013

MC2 Post 1766 A Soon as a MP Chip become "The Hot Chip" in Cell Phones

Someone Adapts it  for SBC and of course Linux.



Linux is Open Source and pretty darn 
Stable And Powerful. 


It's also a primary choice for Big Boxes aka



$59 Open SBC runs Linux on Quad-Core Exynos


Hardkernel and its community Odroid project have announced an open-hardware single board computer based on Samsung’s quad-core 1.7GHz Exynos 4412 Prime SoC.

The Odroid-U3 is claimed to be “100 percent software compatible” with the Odroid-U2 that began shipping in Dec. 2012 and is now being discontinued. As with other Odroid SBCs, the U3 runs a variety of Linux OSes including Android, and is supported with discussion forums, schematics, source code, and documentation available at the Odroid open hardware community website.


In comparison to the older Odroid-U2, the Odroid-U3 SBC offers three, rather than two, USB Host ports. It also adds a small 8-pin I/O header with UART, IRQ, I2C, and GPIO signals, plus DC power. The new I/O header lets the Odroid-U3 stack with like-sized I/O expansion boards, such as the Odroid-U3 I/O Shield shown below.





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