Saturday, December 14, 2013

MC2 Post 1762 Why The Almighty Remote Is More Complicated Than Needed

And Here's Why:  It was Built to IMPEDE Functionality.

S. Jobs would have killed the Designer of Today's Cable Company's Remotes.

The buttons you need the Most are the smallest possible.  

I'm surprised then don't have those buttons on the Back.

Remotes are so Bad.

How Bad Are They???

An industry has bloomed with specialty TV Remotes for a price North of  $200.00.

This is Wrong.

It's TV for Pete's Sake,  not an atomic reactor.

Cable companies never heard of the Famous Mantra in Engineering:  KISS !

Keep It  Simple Stupid!

Of course if reality was part of Cable's code-of-conduct we'd have ala Carte programming as a choice by now.  

Well Thats Not Going to Happen.

The important thing is to "Kill"  functionality.  The more time you spend trying to find something better, which is highly problematic of course, the better they like it.

That's also why Quality is nowhere near the top of the list of Priorities.  They could care less about what makes it on the air.  As long as stupid advertisers are willing to pay for commercial time on crap shows, that's what we'll get.  






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