Thursday, December 05, 2013

MC2 Post 1758 Two NEW Classic Beasts of the Past Hit the Scene

And a New Playstation Game Looks BackWard...

New Ford Mustang: Full Details Of Ford's Latest 
Pony Car



Ford Australia has revealed the 2014 Mustang in exhaustive detail, but we won't see it in local Ford showrooms till 2015.

The iconic next-generation muscle car will debut a new independent rear suspension, turbocharged powerplant and the most dynamic interpretation yet of Ford's new global design language.

And it will also be the first Mustang to be built in right-hand drive form, rather than converted post-production.

But perhaps most interestingly, the Mustang 
won't be offered with a V6 engine option in Australia - 
despite its availability overseas.



 IS  The Street 500 A True-Blue Harley?

Many enthusiasts in our country are no longer worried about the 110% excise duty on imported vehicles. Localization of parts and assembling the vehicles on our soil prevents these huge capacity vehicles from being a prey of the double on-road price. Companies like Audi, BMW, Harley-Davison and Triumph Motorcycles are some of the few companies that are following this strategy to keep their prices competitive 
in the Indian bandwidth.



Gran Turismo 6 launching globally on PS3 on 

Dec 6, 2013

6 things we know about Gran Turismo 6

You read that headline, right? You already know everything you need to know. There's a new Gran Turismo coming out on December 6 this year, and when it launches it'll have 1,200 cars, 71 track layouts, and 33 locations--7 of them brand new, including the Silverstone Circuit in the UK.

This is Gran Turismo 6, this is… coming  

to the PlayStation 3?
Yes, it's true. Despite a new generation of consoles launching this year with the PlayStation 4, GT6 will (for now) be a PlayStation 3 exclusive. We've seen it, and played it, and now we're going to tell you about it.  

Here are 6 things you need to know about Gran Turismo 6.

The engine (no pun intended) has been totally rebuilt

It's been a few years since GT5 came out, but the game still looks great. Not great enough, apparently--senior producer Taku Imasaki told us that the GT5 engine was taken apart and rebuilt for GT6. Why? Well, despite being pretty, GT5 wasn't exactly known for its speedy load times. With the new engine (we giggle every time we write it), GT6 is expected to have smoother transitions and loading times. We didn't time and compare them, but we doubt you'll have time to make a sandwich between pressing start and putting the 
pedal to the digital metal.

The UI has been overhauled as well. Instead of the clunky mess that it was, it's now sporting a clean, tile-based interface that's easy to read. In many ways, GT6 is about cleaning up the GT experience, and we've a feeling fans will be fine with that.





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