Saturday, April 27, 2013

MC2 Post 1578 As Schmidt speaks of caution --- Google Glass gets hacked

Hackers are starting to crack Glass.
(Credit: Google/CNET)

(not Schmidt in picture...)

Not long after Google's Eric Schmidt talks of how apps for Glass will 
require Google's approval, a renowned hacker/developer 
gains access to the gadget's operating system.

But just what might that mean?

"That everything IS HACKABLE ?"  Wingman.


Within hours of Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt's revelation that apps for Google Glass will require Google's approval, a renowned hacker/developer has shattered the notion of locked-down Glass. 

More specifically, Jay Freeman -- aka "Saurik" -- has jailbroken it.

Gee, Our Good Old Friend, who's code I used,  
to  Hack my iPod Touch, Saurik !!!

I Got His Picture (  also posted on the CNET article  ) from his Twitter Post.





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