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MC2 Post 1566 Chrome Beta for Android *update Adds

Full Screen Browsing, Plus 
Google Word Search plugin...



Android Application Support is coming with Qt 5.1

The upcoming version 5.1 of the Qt graphics widget framework will support Android as a target platform, according to its developers. The Android port of Qt was developed in large part by BogDan Vatra and it has now been pushed into the development branch of the project. In their announcement on the Qt Blog, the developers have posted videos of sample applications working on a range of devices, including the Nexus 4 phone and tablets like the Nexus 7 and Asus Transformer TF300


Qt 5 for Android is based on the Qt 4 Necessitas Port 
and the developers are calling the community to test 
the release in the current development branch. 

They also say, however, that developers should not use this version to develop production applications and should wait until Qt 5.2 is officially released. 

More information on how to develop and deploy Android apps 
with Qt 5 is available on the Qt Project wiki.


Science 'javelins' Spear Pine Island Glacier

Keeping Track of the PIG...


The javelin's tail sticks vertically out of the snow/ice surface, ensuring good communications UK scientists have developed an air-dropped projectile to put instruments in some of the most inaccessible places in Antarctica.

Twenty-five of the "javelins" are currently sticking in Pine Island Glacier (
PIG), one of  the continent's biggest and fastest-moving ice streams.

The PIG has many deep crevasses that are too dangerous to traverse.

The British Antarctic Survey's spears have been equipped with GPS to track the PIG's progression towards the sea.

Wind tunnel tests led to the most stable javelin configuration



A Weekly Smmary of Top Storage Stories from the
Electricity Storage Association

Revisiting NEW News stories concerning Super or ULTRA CAPS.

First mentioned in a Security Now podcast 
by Steve GIBSON in 12-30-2008
episode #177  where Steve sidetracked from security concerns to 
the progress in work with Ultra Capacitors as a 
replacement for batteries, especially in electric vehicles..


A New Leap in this TECH was mentioned in Feburary from a UCLA Lab

and the use of  DVD Light Scribe Burners 

for creating  Ultra CAPS.  WoW!

Burn, baby: UCLA's DVD-printed supercapacitors

(( Boffins use DVD burner to scale graphene supercapacitors


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