Monday, March 18, 2013

MC2 Post 1546 Found-- Lying in the Weeds--Elephants

Possibly  a New Google Tool/App called "Keep".

Could Google Keep   be  Drive’s  Evernote?


For those of us that live and work inside of Google’s products, like Drive, 

Docs, GMail etc there’s always been one thing that seems to be missing 

and that’s a decent note-taking app.

Sure, you could argue that you can quite easily create a text document on the fly – which you can – but, there’s never been a cohesive note-taking application from Google. That might all be changing however, with the discovery of something that might have been in the works 

for some time now: Google Keep.

How this story developed is what interests me.


How the pieces of the puzzle:  A hiding google app

got Ferreted out by Savvy Eyes,  

looking where   google thought no one was looking.  

That's the Real Story.

A reworking of what Linus Torlvald's said about finding security holes.  

"Many eyes looking is the Best Cure."

That's what brought this to light.  The unsung "Hero" of this story signed 

his name in binary numbers.   I read about this on last night "keep-story" 

posts on a Nexus 7 News App called   

Taptu: on Google Play

Like Taptu.

It also suggest to import your Google Reader feeds, which Google

just announced  it was shutting down.

Good Idea


What you need for Video Chat Conferencing over Google+ 
(free) and up to 10. Users.

Install this from Google:


How many apps can you stuff in a Nexus Tablet?







Turn On TCM and see what really good movies we had.

Even the bad ones, were head and shoulders above what

Most commercial television tries to serve up today. 


TCM Movie:  The Front Page (1931)



TCM Movie: Lonely Wives (1931)

Edward Everett Horton as a Leading man???  

You Bet,  And he even plays Two Parts.  Pretty good too, for back then.

Later, this kind of comedy would be called Slapstick,  but great Fun.

the Wingman.


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