Sunday, March 03, 2013

MC2 Post 1535 When the Cable NEWS Becomes Just So Much Piffle


Or Reading Between the Lies

It becomes  Basically, a  Commercial Feasting for the 

CABLED News Slayers 

in an Endless Game of Distraction.

Houdini is now Most of the

"Fabled" NEWS Organs 

that Tell us Nothing About Almost Everything


And Cable News keeps serving up:  

All The News that Isn't FIT To PRINT

Fox News Hits Record Low In Viewer Trust 

(Just Like Their Ratings)


Public Policy Polling just released their 4th annual poll on the measure of trust Americans have in TV news. Like previous polls, Fox News topped both the “most trusted” and “least trusted” categories. However, the striking thing about this year’s poll is that Fox dipped to a record low in viewer trust and lost a huge amount of the trust by Independents.

And CNN isn't any Better...





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