Saturday, March 02, 2013

MC2 Post 1534 The Incredible Power of our smaller Devices

It's Smaller than a Laptop.  And it's the main reason the Desktop Computer market is tanking.

First, the New Tablets:  Like the one I use, the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Reading a short story yesterday by W.B. Yeats --- "The Tables of the Law". I was reminded of something someone said about reading Joyce.  You have to read some of the heavy-weight Irish writers ALOUD.

I am a Audible Fan-Boy, but this was definitely a shorter work.

Hey, there's an App on my Nexus called Talk-to-Tape where you can use it as a tape recorder.

Like some of the devices I've had in the Past.


My Radio Shack Realistic cassette recorder.  

As heavy as a Brick, by the way.  

Next up, my GE micro cassette recorder.  I still have some  

Hour 25 KPFK 

radio casts on this.  Even some Harlan Ellison.


I tried recording myself reading the short story but had a tough time 'pushing'  the record and stop fake buttons on my tablet.  Maybe that short story is online somewhere in PDF format for a quick download.  A few seconds later, I had the PDF, and opened it with one of my eBook Readers: Moon Plus reader.  The PDF was formatted pretty small, so I fiddled with some controls and found:  TTS.   Which means Text-To-Speech.  

You've got to be kidding me...


I've tried a TTS reader before with another ebook reader and I could not find a way to control the speed of the playback. 

Moon Reader Plus had a terrific overlay that gave all the functionality you might want.






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