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MC2 Post 1469 What is new in Linux 3 point 7

Linux 3.7 has more robust Intel and NVIDIA graphics drivers, support for ARM64, can handle NAT for IPv6 and has better Btrfs performance. These are just some of the enhancements in the latest version of the Linux kernel.

Ten weeks after the arrival of Linux 3.6, Linus Torvalds has released kernel version 3.7. The new kernel includes a slightly larger number of changes and some which are more major than those of its immediate predecessors; the changes affect not only developers and system administrators, but also users who run Linux on their home PCs.




Way before there was an iPad Mini, Jobs said there was

 no need for a "small" 7 inch Tablet.

Fast Forward to  2012:

Smaller Tablets are selling like Hot Cakes.

The Kindle Fire HD (eBook reader Plus),  Google's flagship Nexus 7 tablet a bonafide hit and now Apple's Mini really stirs things up.

There is now a tweener category between Smart Phones
and 7 inch Tablets called Phablets...

weighing in at 5 inch plus...

So How small can our  mobile computer/ebook reading/surfing Devices really get?

How Small Indeed?

You want to Talk Retina DISPLAY ?

a screen that fits in your eye small ??? 



Ray Kurzweil Joins Google.

Google's Ray Kurzweil Hire could 
Yield some Good Returns

Ray Kurzweil will have implications far beyond the fun projects at Google. His machine learning knowhow could impact networks, data centers and algorithms too.

Will Kurzweil be more than just a figurehead? Probably. Google will get some returns on its investment in Kurzweil for sure. Here are some of the positive 
side effects from Google's latest hire.

In his book, "The Singularity Is Near: When Humans Transcend Biology," 
Kurzweil offered his view of how science fiction becomes reality



Fully-Packed READ

I've been Reading Kurzweil's Singularity book 
this Last Month on Audible and feel
he should be a great fit for Google.

I think of Kurzweil as a cross between Minority Report's 
P.K. Dick, Moby Dick screenwriter Ray Bradbury, 
Star Trek Data's Father:  Dr. Noonian Soong 
and Person of Interest's  "Finch".

All in all, a pretty good Mix for Google







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