Thursday, December 13, 2012

MC2 Post 1468 Google Maps for iOS Now Live in App Store


Google Maps back on IOS6

In line with a report from just a few hours ago, Google's new standalone Maps app for iOS [App Store] has just gone live in the App Store. 
The app offers iOS 6 users unhappy with the experience 
on Apple's  new in-house Maps app the ability 
            to switch back to Google's free offering.

Not Soon Enough for Two Stranded in
the Australian Outback.
10 December, 2012

Apple iOS 6 maps fail leads Aussie motorists ‘Into the Wild’

Australian police have issued a warning to motorists to be careful when relying on Apple’s new
iOS 6 mapping system after rescuing a number of drivers misdirected by the new application.
Police say they have rescued half a dozen motorists in recent weeks who had been seeking to get
to Mildura, a town in rural Victoria, but had instead been led into the 
Murray-Sunset National Park by their Apple I-phone.

The location the iOS 6 system marks as being the centre of town is actually in the middle of the
National Park, approximately 70km away.

Police have said they are extremely concerned as there is no water supply within the Park and
temperatures can reach as high as 46 degrees, making this a potentially life threatening issue.


This is not the first incident of Apple’s new directions app leading people astray, with many users finding it an underwhelming or inaccurate offering when compared to Google’s Google Maps system.

International examples of iOS 6 Maps gone wrong can be found on the tumblr ‘the Amazing iOS6 Maps’. 





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