Thursday, December 22, 2011

MC2 Post 1139 The New Tablets IS Living with Partial Solutions

The Kindle Fire and the Nook Tablet

Partial Solutions in the real world of half measures.

At roughly half the price of an Apple iPad 2 and one-third 
the functionality, what are you getting?




Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet undercut iPad but come with trade-offs



Kindle Fire Vs. Nook Tablet: 
Guess Who Wins?


Oh no! A Tie?

image: black edged kindle.

Not quite. Think about what you're going to be using your Nook Tablet or Kindle Fire for most of the time. Watching stuff. Reading stuff. Listening to stuff. There's nothing more important than that, so it really comes down to which device gives you access to the best content.

It's no contest. Without a media store for movies and music, the Nook Tablet is a dud compared to the Kindle Fire, no matter how impressive its specs are.  Bonus points to the Kindle Fire.



Hold your Horses Big Fellow, There's 
More to Consider.

While it is true that Amazon has a Big Store of Content to pull from, one must remember that this IS Not Apple's Walled Garden.

Amazon sells its Books, Music and Movies to iPad's too.

It would not be a stretch that an Amazon App for the Nook Tablet would be available Real-Soon-Now.

Media Plays where Money Pays.

Kindle's Fire is still having Problems with Silk and Streaming. Even with the Fire's Latest Update these two problems still persist.

More memory on the Nook Tablet and plugable add-on memory is also a very good thing.





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