Tuesday, October 04, 2011

MC2 Post 1054 HP- New CEO But Same Old HP GAMES

TouchPad Tablet briefly Returns to 

HP's Sales Page


It seems the Folks at HP 

A few montha ago when HP was trying to figure out if it was a Consumer Computer company or not, it probably Flipped a coin in the air and it came up Tails.

The X month old CEO of HP stated they were dropping the Consumer Division in favor of Corporate Services.  Like

IBM.  And with that, they dropped the price of their X month old TouchPad Tablet, that was going NowWhere Fast, from

$399 to $99 Bucks.  The damn thing sold like something coming from Apple.  The X month old CEO was given the bums

rush by the Board, and HP said it was rustling up another batch of TouchPad Goodies for those that Missed-the-Deal.  

Please sign Up and we'll tell you when the Next Batch is Ready.

I signed up.  

Hey, at $99 bucks it was a pretty good Hackers-Deal. 

Days passed, and I would get eMails about HP Printers and Ink Cartridges but nothing about the "forget-about-it" TouchPad.


Then I came across this post by Brooke Crothers at Cnet.  

It seems HP had TouchPads on their Sales Page --  

Some 32GB TouchPads for sale at $250 Bucks, and the 16GB TouchPad for $219 bucks.

Both, of course, quickly Sold Out.


The Take-Away?

For HP, the small window of opportunity has come and gone.

-- Even at $50 bucks, the TouchPad is 
No-Longer a Good Deal --  
Not with the New Amazon Kindle Fire at $199.  Better Hardware (It's the Blackberry Playbook you know.) and a Much More Stable and Savy Tech Company -- Amazon backing it.

Links to the CNET Article:

Goodbye HP TouchPad, Hello Amazon Kindle FIRE!


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