Sunday, October 23, 2011

MC2 1083 Just Say Hello Netflix Goodbye Cable

Goodbye Cable

Hello Netflix

Just this last week I finished 4 Seasons of BSG, the Top Pick on Most Lists as The BEST Sci-Fi Series on TV.  

I Agree.

I'm Now Into the Prequel Caprica which only had 22 episodes.

The Pundits all seem to enjoy taking Jabs at Netflix's Public Banter, but on The Whole, the Netflix Package 
at 7.99 a Month is Hard To BEAT!



Yeah they Lost Starz, but the inclusion of Hit AMC's Series
Such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Killing and Last Year's Surprise Zombie Hit The Walking Dead.

Netflix is a Good Reason why the 

Cable Network Zombies 

should be Scared.



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