Friday, November 26, 2010

MC2 Post 853 2 Days of The Condor, I mean Cold Turkey

2 Days of The Condor, I mean Cold Turkey

Or an unexpected Episode of the Walking Dead...


That's What a Cold/Flu for the Holidays 
Does For You.

Here it is 5:12 pm on Black Friday and I'm Just Getting Up.  Thank Goodness the Lakers Are playing tonight at Salt Lake at 6:00, or I wouldn't even Attempt It.  

Yeah I watched some of the football games yesterday from bed, but there was no real fun in that. 

I Did hear some news about the "Brink of War" Situation between North and South Korea, and the Debt Concerns in Europe (Ireland, Portugal, Spain dominos). 

Things sure Get Crappy when you're not feeling Good.

 And I did try continuing my two current audible books: Quantum by Manjit Kumar and The Master Switch by Tim Wu.  But the sections on Hitler coming to power in Germany in the first and Bell/AT&T legal shenanigans to kill FM in the second was too-too much of a downer for a head that was already hurting.

I'm watching Nightly Business News on PBS and It an seems the Early Start Black Friday was Brisk indeed.  And the Online shopping equivalant called Cyber Monday seems poised to continue it's winning ways, with most vendors including free shipping as a given. 



I hope to be back at my perkier self  


But we'll see.

Wingman Out.



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