Thursday, November 11, 2010

MC2 Post 840 Apple, Android Sales Soar, Despite Component Shortages in Q3

In Center Ring: 

"The Soaring Smartphones"

 Android smartphones finished behind world leader Symbian in Q3, while iPhone 4 sales launched Apple into third place, ahead of BlackBerry-maker RIM, reported Gartner. Worldwide phone sales reached   417 million units   during the quarter, up 35 percent from a year ago. 

But smartphones, increasingly dominating the space,

grew by 96 percent, accounting for 19.3 percent of the overall market following

record shipments of   80.5 million units.
“This is the third consecutive double-digit increase in sales 
year-on-year, indicating that consumer demand is healthy,”


In Wingman's words:

And If That isn't enough, here's the second Shoe:

Android to Leapfrog iPhone, Nokia, Windows Phone 7 with $50 Smartphones


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To be Fair These Will NOT Be Full-Featured Smartphones, 

but we may be surprised How Soon That Changes...

Wingman Talking....


The Second Shoe PIX from:


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