Saturday, November 13, 2010

MC2 Post 842 Here We Go Again: "All Your Base are Belong to Us"

Scuttled from the Meme Factorum:

Windows Phone 7 Locks-In MicroSD Cards

Just Slips Right In There...

Use a MicroSD chip in your Windows 7 Phone
and it WILL NEVER Be 

Writeable or Readable or Formatable 

By Anything Else....


"All Your MicroSD's Are Belong To ..."

Get The Picture.

Samsung Focus

Documentation for the Samsung Focus has revealed that a microSD card inserted into a Windows Phone 7 device is considered a ''permanent modification'' resulting in irreversible changes to the card. On an FAQ page for the Focus, Samsung states that once a card is added, ''it will no longer be readable or writable on any other devices such as computers, cameras, printers, and so on''.


How The Early Birds Got Scammed

Current Windows Phone 7 marketplace allows anybody to download the XAP package and look at the application’s source code.

The NEW MS After-the-Fact Warning says:  

Please use code Obfuscator tools  like DotFuscator in their apps before submitting them. Unfortunately this tools has only been available a few days ago so all developers who already submitted apps are kinda screwed for now. Obviously the best solution would be to have the XAP encrypted but this isn’t the case yet and 

Microsoft isn’t saying when this will happened. 
It was announced a while ago.


iTunes 10 Icon Hatchery

It Appears Not Everyone is Happy
With the New iTunes 10 Icon.

Example Alternatives Link:

Some Are Pretty Cool.




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