Saturday, September 05, 2009

Post 461: Wingman Tells ALL: How I Do My BLOG!

Wingman: How I Do My BLOG!

The BULK of MC2 Blogs are about the Icons Pictured ABOVE

I usually start by Checking Daily Rotation that has a list of the Top Ten
Stories from Over 300 TECH Sites.

You'll notice I have a Link to Daily Rotation on my Favorite MC2 Links on the Right Column.

((Just Added the Daily Rotation News Script on the Right Column too.))

Next I Check Engadget for Pictured New Gadgets that Look Interesting
to Me.

It's My Blog, Remember...

Next, if I have to go that far, I check out RefDesk, a Child-Safe Reference Desk Site

That I recommend to All School Age Students from

Grade School to College.

If I can't find anything worth blogging about from these sites, I fall back

on TV Science Shows like NOVA or magazine-format "News" Shows

like CBS Sunday Morning and 60 minutes.

And Lastly, I refer to my current Books of Interest, which I must admit

runs the Gamut of Topics.

Physics, Marketing, History, Science Fiction, and the occasional

Current Novels People are Talking About,

like an Oprah Pick.
(One in the Last Two Years is OK.)

The Pillars of the Earth.

And Finally, Movies and TV Shows (mostly on USA).

There You Go, my Secrets to My Blogging Ideas.

Wingman, Tells How He Does It.



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