Friday, September 11, 2009

Post 466: The Day After Rock and Roll Event

Motorola CLIQ's in with Android-Based Smart Phone

T-Mobile USA Unveils the Motorola CLIQ


First Android™-Powered Device from Motorola Puts Social Networking Center Stage
September 10, 2009



When Did DSL Slow to Dial-Up Speed?

Answer: After a Rock And Roll Apple Event, that required an UpDate to iTunes Store.

Software on the Vista Computer was updated with no problem but iPod Touch Update was running like a "Turtle with Bad Knees...".

I was Not The Only One...

Long Time Coming....The Beatles
(I'm not talking about this)

and Downloading iPhone OS 3.1

Though it took about 5x longer than usual to download the new iTunes thanks to millions of friends joining me around the world and clogging the pipes to Cupertino, the iPhone OS 3.1 updater (around 300 megs).



Wingman, just wondering....


Last Minute, Filed Under: You've Got To SEE THIS

Eyefinity pushes over 24 million pixels
with one next-gen Radeon

The Most Monitors a Regular Souped Up Video Card can run on is: TWO.

How about SIX Monitors at an Eye-Popping 24 Million Pixels....

Story at the Tech Report

I have to rest my (brown) EYES.... Like Reverend Taxi.


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