Tuesday, April 07, 2009

What have I Been Doing.... Lately?

(Screen Capture: Firefox:
my MediaCircus2 Blog, Lakers on TV.
and the gadgets on my iPod Touch)

Blogging, Tweets
and iPod Touch
Gadget Testing

A pictures says 1,000 words. Ok, that's just my blogging.

I also post updates to Twitter,
Listen to the TWiT network of podcasts
by Leo Laporte and Friends.
Read the New York Times on my iPod,
and in my Free Time, listen to Audible books
on my Creative Zen Stone, and Creative Zen Stone Plus.

Yeah, I'm still a Techie Guy.

These are my current Reads:

The Tipping Point
The Physics of the Impossible and
A World Lit Only By Fire.

My Online Photos are on:
Photobucket and Flickr

Well, got to get back to my regular Blogging.

Wingman, Way out.


Oh, and I'm on Facebook and Myspace too.

Just to Round things out a little...

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