Thursday, April 23, 2009

Suddenly, All the World's A-Twitter....


Suddenly, All the World's A-Twitter....


Like the Days when IBM joined the PC market and "legitimized it". I guess it was a bastard before...

Oprah, Larry King
and yes, even Ashton Kutcher has "Legitimized Twitter".

Hell, it's been around since 2006. but the
MEDIA, Always late to the Party

has "Found" a "New" Darling...


For those interested in the FACTS about Twitter check out this Wikipedia Article: ------------------------------------------------------------

List of Twitter Services and Applications from Wikipedia:


I'm a Twitterer @

When I signed on a username was "safer" than a Real Name, so I picked bigbopper.

Through the ensuing years, Twitter kept gathering Steam, especially at the Yearly SXSW (South by Southwest) confab in Texas.

A few months back, Pundits were afraid that Celebrities like
Britney Spears would dilute the quest to gather followers.

For some reason that did not happen.

But lately the gutting of the pipelines by CNN anchors has clouded the waters of this handy microblogging tool.

Then came Kutcher-King Challenge and "CNN the Amoeba" that consumes "latest" Tech Tools jumped in.

A few days later, Oprah, "the Queen of All MEDIA" stumbled in, and Shaq politely Twitted to her she was posting in ALL CAPS, a no-no.

What this onslaught of Media and Star Power will have on Twitter is still in Question.

But it more than likely can't be good.

Example: It took Leo Laporte, a popular Tech Podcaster almost 2 Years to gather x number of followers.

It took Oprah 2 days to Double that...


Twitter Fan Wiki: Link:

Yes, the Wingman Posts Tweets occasionally; they appear
on the top right Twiiter BAR, under the You Tube Video Bar.


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