Saturday, April 18, 2009

The "Not-So_Great" Twitter Challenge 2009


Poor Leo,

He's gotta talk About

Twitter THIS Week!


TWiT, like iPhone, has a small i, and Stands for This Week in TECH. A nice catchy and fitting name for a very popular MP3 Podcast about the current goings-on in Technology.

One of Leo Laporte's biggest hangnails is the Microblogger Wunderkind called Twitter.

That sounds too similar to TWiT:
his Show.

Up until recently, Twitter was Best Known for being the Most Popular "Cloud" program that has yet to make "money".

Tough Problem in these Tough Times.

Well this Week, Twitter Became the Most Talked about "Thingy"

by Two unbelievable "Celebrity Stunts", yes Stunts.

First and foremost was the

Ashton Kutcher-Larry King
Media-hyped Challenge.


Stupid URL to the story (not Linked on purpose!)

That's 446 "Freakin" characters of STUPID!

Run through the Twitter inspired TinyURL and it becomes:

and that's just 25.

The 445 characters would be 3.18 tweets because "Tweets"

(twitter messages are limited to 140 characters each.)

The Kutcher Challenge was a Face Off of Popularity between Kutcher and Larry King to see "Who" could reach 1,000,000 "followers" First.

A Day or so later, Ashton had won the Challenge and was the Larry King Show to accept his "Prize" a Pair of Larry Kings trademark suspenders.

Check the Video Bar Top Right...

Not to be out done by this Self Promoting Stunt,

the Queen of Media,
manufactures here own

"Media Circus" ,

by becoming a Live "Twitterer" on her

Oprah Show.

It's pretty sad when "Puff-Cakes" become supporters of
"New Technology" that's been around for

Yep, Leo's going to have to

Talk about THIS ONE.

Wingman, shaking his Head....tsk..tsk...tsk

Also sadly, Oprah's First Tweet was corrected (pawned) by Shaq,

a Media-Savy Basketball star...

Obviously, to be continued, unless we run out of

Celebs that Need "the Spotlight"


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